Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Before & After

Ever wonder what a project looks like before the demolition, design, and build? Take a look at some of our transformations. Whether the project requires refacing, custom cabinetry, closets, or an entire bathroom or kitchen remodel, we utilize our highly skilled craftsmen to deliver remarkable projects. Here are some before and after shots! 

                                BEFORE                                                                 AFTER
 These cabinets and backsplash received a facelift!

The new walk-in closet with clothing storage includes an island to use as a place for shoe organization and to gather clothing essentials for the day.

As you can see, new cabinetry, a central island with seating, several large granite countertop surfaces, multiple sinks, and modern appliances were added.

This new master bathroom includes a shower, two vanity sinks, and a freestanding tub.

The above kitchen was built in the 1950's. This particular client really wanted a modern look but wanted to  maintain a somewhat traditional style in order to still fit with the look of their older home. Additionally, the client was looking for a unique design feature that could become a focal point in the room. They were looking for something unusual. After lots of thought, we decided to create a radius two-tiered bar using granite and metal. This became the central factor in all of the design work that followed. Of course, all of the modern amenities such as the new sleek appliances, great lighting, stone floors and backsplash were all important features as well. And yes, those are pink cabinets - what a difference!

This project called for custom refacing. The beautiful sleek shaker-style doors with stainless pulls, light-colored granite countertops and a tile backsplash with a sparkle of glass in the deco pieces, fulfilled the homeowner's dream of a remarkable facelift in her traditional home!

While the overall space of this bathroom was large, it was broken into sections because of walls and closets that were designed in the middle of the space. The result was a choppy effect, making the bathroom feel small. Their desire was to create a spacious, luxurious, contemporary bathroom. Therefore, we removed the existing walls to create more space, created one large vanity, designed custom linen cabinets, and built a large walk-in shower without a shower door. The client loves the unusual, modern mirrors and light fixtures as well as the copper and stainless mixed vessel bowls and contemporary stainless faucets!

This finished room is just as the client requested, a glamorous spa-like bathroom that is also functional for the aging or disabled person. The cabinets are specially designed, including grab bar mounting and a sliding opening for access next to the toilet. 

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